Third Eye

Chakra: Third Eye and Throat.

Crystal System: Triclinic

Color: Blue

Zodiac Signs: Aries, Taurus, Libra.

Source: USA, Brazil, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, India.

Attributes: Excellent for attainment and meditation, and a powerful transmitter and amplifier of high-frequency energies. Kyanite never needs cleaning. Tuning into casual connections, these stones detach from the idea of blind fate or implacable karma, showing how you created your present experience by past behavior. Facilitating the ascension process, it draws the light body into the physical realm and connects the higher mind to multidimensional frequencies. Kyanite points to your true identity and a fulfilling vocation. This crystal connects to guides, instills compassion, and facilities spiritual maturation. Assisting dream recall and promoting healing dreams is helpful for those making the transition through death. Kyanite clears meridians, restores Qi to the physical body and its organs, and stabilizes the biomagnetic field.

Healing: Metaphysical abilities, logical and linear thought, victimhood, frustration, anger, stress, resignation, pain, dexterity, muscular disorder, fever, urogenital system, thyroid and parathyroid, adrenal glands, throat, brain, blood pressure, infections, excess weight, cerebellum, motor responses, ying-yang balance, larynx, hoarseness, motor nerves.