Chakras: Varies according to color

Color: Varies according to mineral

Crystal System: Hexagonal

Zodiac Signs: Varies according to color. (Ex.:Yellow: Gemini)

Planet: Sun, Moon

Appearance: Ghost-like crystal within the main crystal. Smallish white or colored "ghost" crystal encompassed within the main clear Quartz crystal.

Rarity: Easily obtained


Attributes: A Phantom Crystal symbolizes universal awareness. Its purpose is to stimulate healing for the planet and to activate healing abilities in individuals. For this purpose, it connects to a spiritual guide and enhances meditation.

Phantom Quartz facilitates accessing the Akashic Record, reading past lives, and recovering repressed memories to put the past into context. It can also take you into the between-lives state. In healing, a Phantom Quartz treats hearing disorders and opens clairaudience.

Amethyst Phantom: Accesses the rebirth state and the plan for the present lifetime. It aids the evaluation of progress made with a spiritual lesson during the current incarnation.

Chlorite Phantom (Green): Helps in self-realization and removing energy implants but should be used under guidance. A powerful, positive healing stone, beneficial for the environment or personal energy field. In healing, it assists you in eliminating toxins and assimilation of Vitamin A and E, Iron, magnesium, and calcium. It is a helpful painkiller and removes skin growths and liver spots. This stone encourages the proliferation of beneficial bacteria.

Smokey Phantom: Takes you back to a time before you left your soul group and links you into the purpose of the group incarnation. It can also help you identify and attack members of your soul group. If negative energies have intervened in the group purpose, a Smokey Phantom will remove these, taking the group back to the original purity of intention.