Chakra: Higher Crown

Crystal System: Monoclinic

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Planet: Moon

Color: Pure white, orange, blue, brown, green.

Appearance: Translucent with fine ribbing (satin spar) or coarser ribbing, fishtail, or petal-like desert rose. All sizes.

Rarity: Easily obtained.

 United States, Mexico, Russia, Austria, Greece, Poland, Germany, France, England.

Attributes: Brings clarity of mind, opening the crown, and higher guidance. It's a calm stone that instills deep peace and is excellent for meditation and spiritual work. Can be used to form a protective grid around the house, creating a safe and quiet space that does not allow outside influences (use in the corners of the house). A large piece placed on the house ensures a peaceful atmosphere.

Healing: Aligns the spinal column and promotes flexibility. It guards against epileptic seizures. Excellent for breastfeeding and nurturing a child.

Position: Hold or place around the house, not in wet places because it can get dissolve.