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Quartz Crystal Apophyllite Cluster 40-80 mm

Quartz Crystal Apophyllite Cluster 40-80 mm

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An apophyllite quartz crystal cluster is a type of mineral formation that is made up of a combination of both apophyllite and quartz crystals. Apophyllite is a type of zeolite that forms in the presence of water and has unique crystal structures. On the other hand, quartz is one of the most common minerals on Earth, and it forms when silica-rich fluids fill cracks in rocks. Together, these two types of crystals include an attractive cluster often sought after by collectors.

Apophyllite is rare and found sparingly at only a few localities. Apophyllite almost always occurs together with zeolites, especially in traprock environments. Apophyllite appears very similar to zeolites and is sometimes even confused with them.

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