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Blue Cat Eye Natural Stone

Blue Cat Eye Natural Stone

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Blue Cat Eye Flower is a natural stone.

Cat eye crystals, also known as chatoyant stones or cat's eye gemstones, exhibit a distinctive "cat's eye" effect when viewed from certain angles. This effect is caused by parallel inclusions within the rock that reflect light in a way that creates a narrow, slivery band across the stone's surface. Cat eye crystals are typically cut into cabochon shapes, meaning they have a rounded, dome-like surface rather than a faceted surface.

Cat eye crystals come in various shades, including yellow, green, brown, and black. These stones are often used in jewelry, such as rings, pendants, and earrings, and are prized for their unique optical properties and beautiful colors. Some of the most well-known cat eye crystals include cat's eye chrysoberyl, cat's eye apatite, and cat's eye tourmaline.

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