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Four Leaf Clover Green Aventurine 2 inch

Four Leaf Clover Green Aventurine 2 inch

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Green Aventurine Four Leaf Clover
  • Natural Stone
  • Quantity: 1 Green Aventurine Clover
  • Size Stone: 2 inch
  • Weight: 0.85 oz
  • Color: Green
  • Shape: Four Leaf Clover
  • Stone: Aventurine
  • Chakra: Third Eye
  • Include Third Eye Chakra Sticker

Aventurine reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness. It promotes compassion and empathy and encourages perseverance. It takes you back into the past to find sources of disease. This stone relieves stammer and severe neuroses, bringing understanding of what lies behind the conditions. aventurine stabilizes one's state of mind, stimulates perception, and enhances creativity. Aventurine calms anger and irritation. It stimulates emotional recovery and enables living within one's heart.

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