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Clear Quartz Tower Natural Crystal 6-7 cm

Clear Quartz Tower Natural Crystal 6-7 cm

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Clear Quartz Tower
  • Natural Stone
  • Size Stone: 6-7 cm
  • Shape: Wand
  • Stone: Clear Quartz
  • Color: Clear
  • Weight: 1.20 oz / 35g
  • Chakra: Crown
  • Include Crown Chakra Sticker

A Clear Quartz Wand Point Tower is a crystal healing tool typically made from natural quartz. These towers are typically 6-7 cm long and have a pointed tip at one end and a flat base at the other. The tapered tip directs energy, while the flat base anchors the point into the environment or body. The wand is used for various healing practices, such as chakra balancing, energy healing, and meditation. Clear Quartz is believed to amplify energy, making it a powerful tool for healing.

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