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Red Phantom Ball Natural Crystal Sphere

Red Phantom Ball Natural Crystal Sphere

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Red Phantom Sphere

* Natural Stone

* Size: Different Sizes

* Shape: Sphere

* Stone: Red Phantom

* Color: Red

* Chakra: Root Chakra

* Include Root Chakra Sticker

* Include Gift Packaging

* Include Glass Stand as a photo.

A red phantom ball is a type of crystal sphere made from a crystal with a red phantom. A phantom is a term used to describe a mineral deposit found within another mineral. In the case of a red phantom ball, the outer crystal is likely a clear or transparent variety, such as quartz or calcite, and the inner mineral is a red mineral, such as hematite or iron oxide. The red color of the phantom is visible through the transparent outer crystal, creating a distinctive and attractive appearance. Phantom crystals are believed by some to have grounding and protective properties and are sometimes used in crystal healing practices.

These Crystals are scarce. Red Phantom Quartz is formed when deposits of iron oxide coat the outside of the quartz crystal. Over the life of the quartz, another quartz grows over the iron oxide layer.

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