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Rose Quartz Tower Point Crystal 6-7 cm

Rose Quartz Tower Point Crystal 6-7 cm

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Rose Quartz Tower
  • Natural Stone
  • Size Stone: 6-7 cm
  • Shape: Tower
  • Stone: Rose Quartz
  • Color: Pink
  • Weight: 1.20oz / 35g
  • Chakra: Heart
  • Include Heart Chakra Sticker

Rose quartz is a type of quartz that is known for its pale pink or rose-colored hue. It is often used in jewelry and decorative items and is believed by some to have healing properties associated with love and relationships.

Rose quartz is a healing crystal and the stone of unconditional love. It's believed by some to emit strong vibrations of love, which are thought to: support emotional and relationship healing. Inspire compassion. Boost feelings of peace and calm. Another beautiful benefit of Rose Quartz is her deep vibration and attainment with the goddess's energy. Rose Quartz is connected with the feminine divine, which carries the aura of compassion and peace and the warmth of mothering – all with the superior strength of spirit. If you feel you need to learn how to self-soothe, to be healed by your own hands, and to uplift your potential into the goddess sphere, then Rose Quartz is a path that will take you there.

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