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Angel Aura Amethyst Cluster 5

Angel Aura Amethyst Cluster 5

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Angel Aura Amethyst Cluster

  • Shape: Cluster
  • Stone: Angel Aura Amethyst
  • Color: Rainbow
  • Treatment: Titanium Plating
  • Chakra: Crown
  • Include Crown Chakra Sticker
  • Include Gift Packaging
  • Include Stand

Aura Quartz is a form of quartz that has been treated with a special process to create a unique and stunning look. Angel Aura Amethyst Quartz is produced by bonding platinum and silver to natural quartz. This process creates a beautiful and iridescent rainbow effect on the surface of the crystal. Angel Aura Amethyst Quartz Clusters have a stunning array of colors and can be used for various purposes. They are said to be incredibly calming and are believed to bring emotional balance, peace, and harmony. They are also supposed to help ease stress, anxiety, and depression and promote relaxation.

Angel Aura Amethyst is a highly calming stone. It radiates beautiful energy. Angel Aura Amethyst is connected to your Third Eye and Crown Chakras. It opens your mind to peaceful thoughts and your heart to loving energy. Angel Aura Amethyst promotes upliftment, peace, serenity, and expanded awareness. Angel Aura Quartz is a stone of attunement to beauty, and it can assist in remembering to pay attention to the beauty of one's surroundings, both in Nature and Spirit.

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