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Large Dragon Blood Tower Natural Crystal 1343g

Large Dragon Blood Tower Natural Crystal 1343g

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Large Dragon Blood Tower Crystal Point 5

This Dragon Blood Tower Natural Crystal weighs 1343g / 47.35 oz. Measurements 7.7 x 2.7 x 2.1 inch.

It is a powerful combination of natural quartz crystal and dragon blood resin. The quartz crystal is a powerful energy amplifier, and the dragon's blood resin is a powerful protector. Together in this tower form, it is a powerful tool for healing, protection, and manifestation. The Dragon Blood Tower Natural Crystal is also known as the "Tree of Life" and is believed to be beneficial in attracting luck, wealth, and abundance. It is also used to attract positive energy and help create an environment of peace and tranquility in your home.

The dragon's blood crystal is also known as the dragon blood jasper. It's a quartz stone with a distinctive green and red coloration. It is found in Australia and South Africa, where early humans believed the stone was fallen dragons' petrified skin and blood.

This gemstone is known for helping regulate yin and yang energy and mood. Dragon Stone encourages all forms of inventiveness and bravery, and willpower. It has a vitality that may give us the determination and tenacity to achieve significant objectives and undertakings.

The usual coloring of Bloodstone is dark green with bright red markings on the surface. It has an opaque transparency and is rich in iron. The meaning of Bloodstone is vitality and clears out negative energy.

Dragon Stone is an energetic stone that attracts an abundance of loving energy. Dragon Stone directly connects to the Heart Chakra. It encourages love, passion, and forgiveness. It helps connect you to your inner strength and the Earth.
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